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Just as comfortable with a soldering gun as an orchestral score, Hunter Ewen received degrees in Mechanical Engineering and Music Composition from the Case Western / Cleveland Institute of Music Joint Music Program in 2007. Since then, he completed his masters and doctorate at the University of Colorado at Boulder, where he currently serves as lecturer in composition and music technology. Ewen teaches on the faculty of Reel Kids Theater Company and runs the publication company Skinny Dip Publications. His music represents a quirky synergy of tranquil and virtuosic. Ewen focuses heavily on extended techniques, often asking performers to sing, dance, and play unusual instruments.

With the benefit of his engineering training, Ewen’s music often utilizes elements of technology. He follows the guiding principle that technology is best suited to augmenting live performers. Ewen’s electronic components enhance an instrument’s natural abilities, producing un-performable sounds, while still retaining the humanity of an acoustic performance. His music is often accompanied by multimedia components of his own creation, usually video, visual art, photography, dance, or poetry.

Outside of composing, Ewen is frequently commissioned to work in such diverse areas as acoustics research, physical computing, sound spatialization, visualization, performance, lighting design, improvisatory coding, videography, graphic/web design, score transcriptions, and project management. He has performed in and around the Boulder/Denver area as a saxophonist, percussionist, pianist, vocalist, laptop performer DJ, VJ, and on a number of occasions, as a performer of homemade wind and string-like instruments.

His electro-acoustic compositions have garnered him awards and performances from the Studio 300 festival, Punto y Raya, Ouroboros Review, the Playground Ensemble, the Gamma UT festival, and his graphic scores were featured prominently in the Pulitzer Prize nominated book of poetry, Armor Amour, by Amy Pence. Ewen has been performed and recorded on four continents by distinguished groups like the Greater Cleveland Flute Society, Frequent Flyers, Third Coast Percussion, Cairo Symphony, Alarm Will Sound. for more information