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Hunter Ewen is a dramatic composer, educator, and multi-media designer. During the day, Dr. Ewen teaches students strategies for digital creativity. At night, he composes, solders, choreographs, and videographs solo and collaborative projects around the world.

His works rail against the faded borders that separate art from science, music from sound, and meaning from meaninglessness. Ewen values frenzy. He buzzes and sneaks and desperately loves. His work is soothing, startling, virtuosic, and absurd. It grooves with dense, layered textures. It lusts for yowls and yips and wails and squeals. For screams that masquerade as art. For clamor and deviance. His compositions swing from chandeliers.
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Bowed piano, featuring (from left to right) Carter Pann, Dan Kellogg, Ryan Connell, Kathryn Mueller, and Michael Theodore
One time, I biked across America. Check it out.
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The SCREAMboard
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910 balloons in 1 hour - 18 balloons in 1 minute
H.W. Pennywell and His Unstoppable Robot Army of Doom

TEDxBoulder: Music is a Visual Art
My new ensemble! Boulder Image and Sound Network (BISoN)watch and listen
Slow and Pretty Things

Sea-foam cotton undertows
Our last forgettable conversation.
Her wholeness struck
Out across delicate, bobbing adventures--
Soft curled tails
To buoy a grandson. In meantime
She surfaces, recognizably
And we finally speak
Slow and pretty things.

Boulder Laptop Orchestra (BLOrk) rehearsing Ewen's S:nk - read more
r!!p.•n, installation and performance featuring Trimpin. RoboChimes by me!

Syntropy, for robot percussion quartet
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23.5 million people live in food deserts in the US. For many of these people, fast food restaurants and gas stations are their primary source of food. This severely limits their ability to purchase and consume healthful foods, which leads to pockets of obesity, diabetes, increased risk of heart disease, and other illnesses. And because fast foods are generally less nutrient rich, people tend to consume more calories per meal and become hungry sooner after eating. Hunger Dreams in Flocks is a meditation on the nature of hunger in America. Clusters of communities suffer incredible social, financial, and health hardships because of geographic obstacles to healthy, fresh food. This piece explores the psychological and physiological effects of living in a food desert. The performer uses electronics, attached to his or her thumbs, which trigger and alter musical sounds, video, as well as relevant information about calories consumed by the accompanying performance artist and facts central to the food desert issue.
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Artistic Statement
Teaching Philosophy
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Shannon Spark, in BLOrk rehearsal
Metal Orchestra Remix
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Diagetic Jazz
LedPaint1 - from the series LedPaint, which explores the relationship between hidden technology and art - photograph of designer/dancer Emily Daub
Zombie Dance Attack
The Cake of 1,000 Waterfalls - recipe - program notes
Synthesis Learning Tooldownload (Max/MSP)
Boulder Laptop Orchestra (BLOrk) rehearsing Ewen's S:nk

Black ridges
Lie tacit
Dark movement.
Shadows lust for signs
Of my disobedience.
I am a mouse.
Faith, by James McLindon - listen to a sample of my original music or watch some clips
Red River Folk Tale

I was six
When I discovered gravity.
On the radio,
A cracked voice
Over thunderdrums.

The troop forgot to run.

My companion swirled,
whipped about,
And silenced
The grave newsman.

I remember the angel
Of innocence.
He held the tender warriors
In his desiccated breath.

I was eleven
When I discarded gravity.
From above,
Red and yellow paint
The bluegrass:
Roadside crag.

The trail folded along the ridge.

The ground lay below,
Clipped through
The blue and orange camalot.

Near the bulbous crown
Of hemlock trees
On Raven's Rock,
My companion waved
A thousand hands:
Green and purple salutations.

I remember the angle
Of incidence.
Refracted off the canopy,
We dove
Into lapping waves
Of fantastical lies.

We buzzed
Among our bumbled friends.

We loitered
One hundred years
And did much good.

We storytold.

We sang
Liquid music
To the clouds,
To the Earth.

We traded
The clarity of belief
For the brume of comprehension.

I grew.

I was one thousand
When I saw my companion
On his deathbed,
By concrete and beautality.

The trees festered with reproach.

I am dissolve.

I asked my companion:
How does it end?

I remember the anxiety
Of incipience
In his response:

The tea has been out in the sun too long,
But the horses look mighty fine.

Red Rover Folk Tale is a story about my relationship with the natural environment growing up in Kentucky. Both encouraged and dismayed, I grew up surrounded by people that loved and hated the world around them. The piece spans a large period of time and as a result, it showcases a wide stylistic diversity. The mood of the music shifts frequently as it draws from the elation, curiosity, horror, love, and ambivalence I faced in the foothills of the Appalachians.

The work is presented in testament to the plea for self sufficiency and personal reliance espoused by fellow Kentuckian Wendell Berry. His poetical style and social message has influenced my music a great deal over the years, and I am using this work as an opportunity to pay homage to Berry's writing. As a tribute to the great naturalists (and generalists) of the 21st century, the music, poetry, and electronic sounds were created at the same time, with the same intent, in the same squeaky old chair. They all drawn from my personal experiences and are presented as a single, unified gesture.

My musical themes always carry a personal significance, and the poetry references objects, landmarks, and situations familiar only to myself and those who have visited the Red River Gorge in Kentucky. While the specifics of the poetry are for me alone, the allegorical implications should carry significance for any naturalist, environmentalist, or social idealist. We have all experienced mixed emotions when it comes to our childhood relationship with the natural world, but embracing the inconsistencies and committing to improving our relationship is the best possible path. To summarize my message in a pithy pull-quote, I return again to Wendell Berry, “To cherish what remains of the Earth and to foster its renewal is our only legitimate hope of survival.”

Nothing Suspended. From the “Concert About Nothing” - based on an improvisation and residency with Third Coast Percussion. This video and audio was projected onto a visual art installation created by Hunter Ewen and Kellie Masterson, pictured below, as part of the John Cage Centennial celebration at CU-Boulder.

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Taxonomy Learning Tool (view)
MIDI Test 1/17/14
A hand-coded program that composes music completely on its own. This version was rendered using Max/MSP and Kontakt.

Video commissioned by Science on a Sphere. Animation and music by Ewen and Theodore. See an equirectangular projection of the video here.